September 8, 1968

“The ‘Point of No Return’ For the Biafrans” article written by Lloyd Garrison published in The New York Times

Garrison, a descendent of abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison, had been the senior Africa correspondent for the NYT throughout much of the 1960s. He had covered events in the Congo and Angola, and extensively about the Nigeria-Biafra war until he was expelled from Lagos by the Nigerian government. He continued to return to Biafra to report secretly until he left the Times in 1969. 

In this piece, Garrison talks about his experiences in Biafra, witnessing the horrific and inhumane side of war, and what daily life is like in Biafra as the war wages on. It was widely viewed as exemplary of a turning point in US coverage of the war, in which American journalists became increasingly outspoken about Biafra.

Lloyd Garrison at a Biafran checkpoint. Source: Garrison obituary, Norfolk Now, July 1, 2014.