October 4, 1968

James MacCracken, Executive Director of the Church World Service (CWS) of the National Council of Churches, delivers statement before Senate Foreign Relations Committee concerning assistance in Nigeria and Biafra

In his statement to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, MacCracken explains the position of the CWS as it relates to the conflict and humanitarian crisis occurring in Biafra and Nigeria at large. He notes that the CWS is solely concerned with the humanitarian issues in Biafra and believes they must be separated from the larger political conflict. MacCracken also quotes at length a statement from the Fourth Assembly of the World Council of Churches meeting in Sweden (July 15, 1968).

In terms of domestic work, MacCracken praises members of the American Jewish Committee for bringing together Protestant, Roman Catholic and Jewish organizations to coordinate humanitarian assistance in Biafra. He concludes by summarizing the concerns of the CWS and what they believe must be done going forward.

James MacCracken, “Statement before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Concerning Relief Assistance in Nigeria and the Former Eastern Regions known as Biafra,” October 4, 1968.