January 29, 1968

First introduction of Biafran currency

The Bank of Biafra was created under Decree No. 3 of 1967 in order to ensure the normal functioning of the newly independent Biafran state. The first pieces of Biafran currency created were the 5 shillings coin and the £1 note. In 1969, more coins were issued (including the 1 shilling, 2.5 shilling, 10 shilling, the 3 pence, and the 6 pence), along with more bills including the £1, £5, and £10.

The Bank of Biafra was initially located in Enugu, but it changed places multiple times throughout the war in order to avoid capture by advancing Nigerian forces. During the course of the three-year war, there were between £115-140 Biafran pounds created and use in circulation in the country. When Biafra fell, all of this money became worthless.

Biafran currency