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December 1, 2018

Opening of the ICRC Archives, 1966-1975: Biafra War

This video provides an overview of the ICRC’s in Nigeria during the Biafran War. Historian Daniel Palmieri discusses challenges faced during this difficult conflict.

(The ICRC archives, a vast array of images, videos, documents, audio and more from 1966-1975, are now open to the public.
This period covers a number of important historical events, including the Vietnam War, the Nigeria-Biafra War, the military junta in Greece, and the coup against President Allende in Chile.
These materials will provide academics, students and others with a new perspective on important international events.)

Duration: 00:04:20, Published: May 2015

(ICRC/Christopher Nicholas, Director/V-F-CR-F-01335-A)

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