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December 30, 2018

Interview with Eric Junod, ICRC Delegate in Biafra (English)

Ingrid Flaks (Radio Attachée, League of Red Cross Societies) and Éric Junod (ICRC delegate) discuss the humanitarian situation in Nigeria.

Duration: 00:03:41, Language: English

(La stabilisation de la situation militaire permet de mieux répartir l’aide humanitaire malgré le fait que les besoins restent immenses. Les denrées distribuées sont essentiellement du lait en poudre et du poisson séché. / The stabilization of the military situation makes it possible to better distribute humanitarian aid despite the fact that the needs remain immense. The commodities distributed are mainly milk powder and dried fish.)

(League of Red Cross Societies/Ingrid Flaks & Eric Junod/V-S-14604-A-05)

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