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December 1, 2018

Additional Training: Administration and Organization of the ICRC

Edmé Regenass, head of the General Accounting Department, discusses the administrative changes undertaken by the ICRC. This audio file is unedited.

Language: French

Duration: 00:46:25, Date: 1982

(Deux périodes de changements organisationnels marquent l’histoire administrative du CICR. De la création à 1945, les membres du comité occupaient les postes des « directeurs » actuels. Depuis, l’organisation a subi de nombreuses réformes, en particulier celle de 1970, inspirée par la gestion des opérations du Nigeria – Biafra./ Two periods of organizational change mark the ICRC’s administrative history. From creation to 1945, committee members held the positions of current “directors”. Since then, the organization has undergone many reforms, particularly that of 1970, inspired by the management of Nigeria – Biafra operations.)

(ICRC/Edmé Regenass, speaker/V-S-13147-A-01)

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